Heat Recovery Wheels

Serck provides EUROVENT Certified Heat Recovery Wheels

Rotating wheels are available in four different standards: aluminum, epoxy coated aluminum, aluminum with a hygroscopic surface and silicagel adsorption coating. The width of the wheel is 200mm & the maximum diameter is 2500mm. Aluminum, epoxy coated aluminum and hygroscopic wheels are recommended to rotate 10 rpm
Adsorption wheels are recommended to rotate 17 rpm

Bearings and shafts

Heatex offer ball bearings as a standard for vertical applications a special adapted ball bearing for wheels in horizontal applications.
For wheels up to and including 1100mm in diameter the diameter of the shaft is 20mm.
For wheels from 1101mm in diameter the diameter of the shaft is 30mm.
The shaft is predrilled for an M12 screw.
Standard shaft lengths is 220mm but may be change on request.

For wheels up to and including 399mm in diameter, spokes are assembled inside the wheels as spikes. For wheels from 400mm up to and including 2500mm in diameter, the spokes are constructed as flat spokes in the dimensions of 5x35mm. The spokes are countersunk into the wheel and flush with the wheel surface. The spokes are welded to the hub and the wrap.


Casing is manufactured in two types: standard and covered
- Standard casing does not have any side plates or top/bottom plates.  This means that the casing is only covered at the front and back and is suitable for sliding into an air handling unit.
- This alternative is covered on all 6 sides by plates: front, back, top, bottom and 2 sides.  One of the sides is removable to secure the possibility to do maintenance on the drive.

Purge Sector

The purpose of the purge sector is to clean the wheel from the exhaust air before it turns over to the supply air side. The purge sector is made in the size of 5o with start at center of the wheel. At the purge sector brush sealant is assembled at the upper side and at the lower side. When placing an order please make sure that the location of the purge sector is correct.  The position is fixed based on the rotating direction of the wheel as well as the directions of the supply/exhaust air.


Constant Speed
Motors for constant speed can as a standard be delivered in two types

    1. 3 phase 230V (suitable for speed control)
    2. 3 Phase 380V (suitable for constant speed)

Variable Speed
Two different system are available for variable speed

    1. EMS by Emotron
    2. Micromax by IBC

The drive belt is as standard a self tensioned welded round belt.  As option the unit can supplied with a strong V-belt.


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